Here you can see feedback of people who’ve been to St.Petersburg already. It’s a pleasure for us if you leave a comment here about your trip to Russia also :)

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  • Martine & Dominique 21.08.2019, 13:05
    Hello "Open your Russia", We are 4 old students (50 years old) who have been taken in charge by Ivan first and then Viktoria. We have spent 3 lovely days with them : They have been so kind with us, we have had so much discussions. Before leaving France, we didn't really know what to expect but we have been charmed by our guides, by the town, it was a great adventure . We really hope to get in touch with them.
  • Bikash Chaudhary 21.06.2019, 12:01
    Thanks a lot Darya (our group guide) . Those 3 days passed like blink of an eye. Darya was wonderfully good and caring to us. I would really recommend my friends to take this trip especially with u being a guide. I'm fortunate that I took this trip and made such wonderful friends that I will cherish for life. The city was amazing for me. Being in Russia itself was a unique experience. Overall thanks to Darya and my lovely friends that I met in the trip. Life is amazing. Keep trying the adventure.
  • Zuzana 28.05.2019, 19:25
    OpenYourRussia spasiba for a beautiful city tour
  • Elke 27.09.2017, 11:45
    We were in St Petersburg for the 3 days trip. Thank you so much Ivan! It was so great. We saw a lot of beautiful places and you told us interesting stories about it. We had a great time and open your russia arranged everything for us. I would really recommend it if you want to visit St Petersburg!!
  • Tawfeek younis 26.05.2017, 23:10
    It was great trip we saw lots of places and many people from different countries and most of them students our Guide help us to find cheap tickets and something like that and we try topical food. It is possible to go there without visa in the. Ferry Reilly it's Bute full city In deferential times in the day and the night you will see the big difference. That can give you to utilize all the time and the hostel in the central of the city Finely it was great time
  • Alvin 28.10.2016, 03:46
    While studying abroad in Sweden, we wanted to take the chance to travel to Russia since it was relatively close by. Our tour guides Anastasia and Ivan did a lot to make our tour an eye-opening and fun experience. In just two short days they showed us all the important landmarks of St.Petersburg and what traditional Russian food was like. Lastly, what made the tour experience great was that they were all very friendly and willing to answer our questions, and at times it didn't feel like it was tour guides leading us, but rather just fellow friends showing us around the city, which made it a very personable tour experience.
  • Tommy 21.10.2016, 20:15
    The trip was really awesome ! We learned a lot about the story of St Petersburg thanks to our guides Anya and Sasha who were very friendly with us. They are so enthusiatic and have a lot of energy for making this trip better and unforgettable ! For one week of this amazing trip the price is very low with a well organized team. We can definitely recommend it to all exchange students. Thank you again
  • Michael 14.09.2016, 13:00
    I had a lot of fun traveling through StP with my guide Sasha. Actually it did not feel like a guided tour, it was more like traveling with a friend! She showed me around and took me to the nicest places in town. Also she let me try many Russian meals and everything was planned perfectly. Thank you so much for this wonderful weekend! :)
  • We had a fantastic time with Polina and Sasha in St. Petersburg. The organization included everything we wanted, even individual demands were considered. We had a lot of fun with both guides, it was an unforgettable experience. Absolutely to recommend to 26.06.2016, 10:11
    Sven Hausigke
  • Ismail Ouf 05.06.2016, 18:19
    we enjoyed this amazing trip (Tallin - Saint Petersburg - Helsinki - Stockholm) the organization was perfect :) however it is my 2nd time to visit Saint Petersburg but I saw new things and I loved the friendly atmosphere and the organization :) I highly recommended to you to have such a lovely experience by traveling with Ferry see you again, Open your Russia
  • Fenny Ekelmans 20.05.2016, 08:50
    We we did this trip with our whole family(children, parents and grandparents). It was an amazing experience!! Our guide told us a lot, had a good tempo and knew a lot of good eating places!(; We all loved it! And we can absolutely recommend to you!!(:
  • Jacinthe 28.01.2016, 13:37
    This trip was really really awesome!! The best was the beautiful ballet, thank you so much ! This trip can be for everybody, I recommend!
  • Antoine Brunet 27.01.2016, 18:54
    Amazing trip with a super group, with 2 guides particularly friendly and involved ! Cpaciba !
  • Svenja 26.01.2016, 23:05
    What I liked most about the trip was our nice guides and our visit of the Summer Palace. It is really incredible how much we've seen in such a short time. Thanks a lot for this unforgettable experience!
  • Laura 18.01.2016, 19:38
    THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING!!!! Im so glad of knowing that now i Have a friend in russia, miss you already

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