Why did I create this adventure

 Hi friend!

My name is Ivan Drugov and I’m from Russia, Saint-Petersburg. I was an exchange student (like you are now) last year. I studied in Finland and it was really cool! Exchange student’s life is all about parties: bars, clubs, “kitchen parties" - that is really wonderful time, isn’t it?

One month after arrival to Finland my friends and I started to travel. Soon guys realized that it is the best chance to visit Russia while they are exchange students and live so close to that country. So, they started to find an easy and safe way to Russia

Some days later my friend Tony said to me that he’s confused about this trip: One company offered too expensive tour with visa and boring program. Another one offered reasonable price but required the whole sum of money in advance without any guarantee. So, he was thinking about visiting Russia by his own, but there is one problem: the names of the streets are in Russian, nobody speaks English there, and if you are lost nobody can understand and help you. That’s true. He didn’t know what to do. And even I, who is originally from Russia, didn’t know how to help him. It appeared not so easy to visit Russia as he thought it would be.

But then we found a solution. Tony asked me to organize this trip. Why not? I’m from Saint-Petersburg, I love and know this city from inside. I can show some «secret» places which are known only for locals.

Well, I read tons of information about tariffs, roots, visa system, transport, hotels and so on. And in the end I created a fulfilling program for 3 whole days in St. Petersburg by my own.

The main thing I discovered: there’s a way to go to Russia without visa! So, my foreign friends didn’t need it, yes – all of them, they needed only a valid passport.

The tour was at least 50 euros cheaper than other variants, and it was free from document routine and full of fun. My friends liked it so much and I booked tickets on ferry and hotel in the heart of our city.

Finally, we visited Saint-Petersburg. My Russian friends and I guided foreign friends all the time. Everyone called this trip as a fabulous adventure and amazing city. I organized such trips twice during the last semester and continue organizing them now. More than 1000 students visited St.Petersburg with us already! Moreover everybody likes and enjoys it. That is why now I decided to organize these trips for you - for students who study in Finland, Sweden, Estonia, Denmark and all other counties. Why not? Just let me know about your desire. Welcome anytime)) We’re ready to help you to visit Saint-Petersburg without visa and offer you 3 hot days adventure. Guaranteed.

About the company

After few trips to St.Petersburg we opened a travel agency named “OpenYourRussia”. It’s a pleasure for us to help you to visit this wonderful city, Saint-Petersburg because most of us are students from other parts of Russia, we came to St.Petersburg to study and were really impressed and amazed by this city. We also were like tourists during the first days after arrival to St.Petersburg that’s why we want to share these touching moments and the spirit of this city with you.

By the way, now we know St.Petersburg from the inside that’s why we developed a special journey for you to touch as much as possible in the city within 3 days.

You are always welcomed to offer any kind of activities you would like to take. We do our best to make all your wishes come true.

Open Your Russia with us!

Good luck and see you in St.Petersburg))

Your 'OpenYourRussia' team.